Joey Welz







Bill Haley's Comets Live at Tioga Downs NY 2010

Blueberry Hill

Kansas City

What I'd Say

Song for the Gulf Coast Clean-up Relief Fund

Joey Welz and Giles "The Comet Boogie" Live in France

Live in the French Riviera with The Captain Joe Combo

Joey Welz Presents:
The Rock Around The Clock Hall of Fame

Hey Hey Haiti (Help Is On The Way)

Joey Welz with the Captain Joe Combo live concert in Contes France 2009

The Twitter

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Joey Welz September 2009 interview on channel 11 News

Joey Welz Live In Berlin

Joey Welz with the Eddy Ray Cooper Band at Jack's Blues Cafe.

Joey Welz with Bill Haley's Comets Live

Joey Welz April 2008 interview on channel 11 News

Joey Welz interview on News channel 8

Joey Welz interview on Jackson TV

Joey Welz interview on TNN Video AM

"Rock Around The Clock"


"Back To A Better Time"

"In My Car"

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